About Warriner

tpt profile pic ericDawn Warriner is a California certified teacher with 20 years of classroom experience. She also worked as a certified teacher in both Colorado and Oklahoma. She has a Master’s degree in Education with a special endorsement for Gifted Education. In addition, she worked three years at a school for students with learning differences.

Dawn Warriner is known for developing a relationship of trust with students, and her lessons appeal to students of various learning styles and temperaments. Inquiry-based units, activities, and games form the core of this classroom. Differentiation is available in all units. Ms. Warriner’s experience is that a fundamental foundation of Literary Terms increases students’ skill in all areas of English. Her philosophy of teaching is, “If you’re interested, then your students will be interested.”

Dawn Warriner comes from a family of teachers. Her grandfather, John E. Warriner, wrote the best-selling Warriner’s English Grammar and Composition textbooks. Both of her parents are teachers, and, as Dawn Warriner says, “Teaching is like breathing to me. The moment I realized that kids liked me and connected easily with me, I knew my path was teaching. I already loved my subject matter, so relating well with students was the key.” Dawn is from Oakland, California and is a graduate of Skyline High School. She attended The University of California, San Diego for her Bachelor’s degree, and The University of Tulsa for her Master’s degree. Her goal is to help young people succeed in an ever-changing world.

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